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Saturday, June 25

Dangerous Beauty

Sapphire and gold
Are dangerous I'm told:
"Of their charming magic beware
Deceit, betrayal you'll harvest there
Despite what innocence that they may hold"

But they all should know; I am aware

That baby green sea is too much to handle
Its serenity is one form of swindle
For as I give in to its tranquility
I may lose my grip and my ability
And drown in there with just a quill and a candle

And that by itself is a tedious affair

Yet as a poetess; I adore dangerous beauty
Keen to discover the knight in duty
Riding righteously on a bay horse
Two beauties wandering in nature's course
Both; one possessed with jest and surety

I rest my case, it's time to declare:

In those green eyes I'm willing to dive
Their rays of power inject my drive
Despite what treachery that they may share
And loads of pain that I may bare
Exploring splendor is my affair

So regardless of what, it may or may not!
I hereby declare;
I dare to care

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Posted by AyyA:: at :: 2:07 AM::


Blogger الا نبيذي said...

dear rabab

when it comes to a poetry that mixs toughness with tenderness ending with a magical way of diluting things , here i cant be neutral , although i hate rhymes, some thing inside me saying ... who cares , does it move and tuch you , and i admit ... absolutely it did

انتي بلوى ):

1:57 PM  
Blogger DJ said...

I'm not usually a fan of rhyming pros either, but I think the poem is beautiful - as is the picture. You definitely have a tallent with your words!

5:30 PM  
Blogger AyyA said...

Mobtadi & DJ
I wrote this poem back in September 2002, and the first version was published in one of the table coffee poetry books. And I do understand and love free style, but I have never tried it until lately.
In this poem though, the rhyming was more than necessary; if you have noticed that the poem has one rhythm repeated each five lines and followed with a single line that works as a full stop; to take a breath and ponder, and then go back with the flow as you continue reading the poem. And the three apparently enforced lines at the end, was meant to be diverse to provide a shocking end.
I have to mention though, that as I read the post I have noticed some typo errors, and you know in poetry you can’t do that or otherwise you will loose the content, so I went back and fix them, sorry about that
And thank you for the kind words, both of you share a taste for a good piece of work, and that what makes your opinions very important to me.

6:09 PM  
Blogger الا نبيذي said...

dear rabab

its was me , ella nabeethi
, not mobtadi ):

11:24 PM  
Blogger AyyA said...

Illa nabeethi, THE POET HIMSELF, ok, now your comment makes more sense knowing that you are a free soul :)
Sorry sweetie, I only saw the name for a split second before it changed to question marks, I don’t know why, it is strange!

And now I’m really flattered that it was you, thank you sweetie

11:46 PM  
Blogger مبتدئ said...


Thank you for the mix-up Rabab ;)

ill also say:

انتي بلوى :p


5:17 AM  
Blogger AyyA said...

I guess this is the first time you get a reply before commenting, LOOOL

6:12 AM  
Blogger Jelly Belly said...

I picture every word in your poem in my head and live it....just beautiful....a7la balwa wallah ;)

1:29 AM  
Blogger AyyA said...

Jellowa el7ilwa
So, do you think I should add “balwa” to my nicknames? :p

4:50 PM  

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