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Sunday, July 31

Adios Ibiza, but not for long

This is my last day in Ibiza, tomorrow I’m heading back to Valencia and the peaceful village of Moncofa, the GPRS is not covered there, so no internet connection for a while. Next week I’m planning to go to Barcelona for a week and no telling if there is an access there either, so I guess this post is my last for a while.
And this for sure won't be my last visit :)

Pacha and El Divino are night clubs that are a must see when you are in Ibiza (don’t miss out the VIP section) I personally have not seen like them anywhere else I've been to.

Tonight I will be going to Café Del Mar for watching the sun set, chill out style, then to Sun Sea (I think that’s what it’s called) which is another chill out I heard is also awesome, and the rest of the night is left with no planning, we'll just hang out from one place to another bidding our farewell to the humming island.
I will be getting lots of CD’s from those places.

So guys until then, you all take care, and I missed you all.

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Saturday, July 30

Eivissa; the Liberty Isle

Yesterday my friend and I, as well as our rented car boarded the ferry to Ibiza, the island is heavenly, and although we were worn off with sunbathing aboard the normal ferry which took about four hours to reach the island via Denia, the minute we reached the shore we were energized with the hum of the city and we kept on toes till sunrise. I could not get much sleep today because of the noise, but I do not mind it, too much going out there to miss it with sleep, right now I’m waiting for my roommate to wake up so we could go to the renowned beaches.

I went to the outdoor coffee shop downstairs and was surprised to see that some people were still drinking continuously from last night. The balcony right under mine where some American guys are occupying is still full of empty bottles from last night and one of the guys passed out and stayed there, it looks like the noise does not bother him nor does the rays of the sun, hey I took some pictures of the guy, nasty hah; LOL. I will post them later on may be when I get to Kuwait, can’t use the GPRS to load pictures it takes ages. My God; if only this guy knew that he’ll be on the internet, heheheee, and ok, to make it easy on him and not to be rude I’ll not show his face.

Yesterday was very hot we had to turn the AC on, but today is much nicer. And as I was sitting downstairs sipping my coffee and chitchatting with others, it occurred to me to have a three month’s vacation plan to Ibiza next year, just to see how much I could take it away from home and on my own, and if all goes well, may be I could stay here for good, I love the island and I love the Spanish people, and in this place everyone can speak English which is such a relief really after sometime spent in Spanish-English-sign and body gesture language just to be able to get by.

Right now I’m sitting on the balcony with just a T-shirt on, now don’t oooooh and ahhhh me, one

look on the streets and you’d see the half naked tons, and as a comparison, you’d say that I’m mo7ajaba… LOL

I made an appointment last night to have two tattoos; a solid black ohm sign on my shoulder, and a black and red flying unicorn on my lower back, I know I have to deal with some pain in the coming week and I won’t be able to bathe the beautiful Mediterranean sea, but I think it’s worth the trouble. I can go back to the beach after seven days, so it’s not all that bad.

Ok guys, you might think that I’m a koko, but honestly, this is a place where I know I’ll never get bored, it’s not what you do or don’t that attracted me to this place, nor it’s the waw and wild life and the crowded port that people would not even have the chance to say “pardon” when they hit you as they pass by, it’s the sense of freedom that I terribly miss at home. Here; everything goes, no restriction what so ever.

Purgy; yes elkabt ya3mil 3amayil

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Friday, July 29


1st disappointment
What a hectic day today; I woke up early this morning although I had only one hour of sleep last night, and don’t ask why……..;) My friend Elegance and I packed our baggage and headed in our rented car to Valencia and then from there to Moncofa; a small village about 10-15 min drive north of Valencia and a prospering tourist area at the northern east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Moncofa is the place my friend had purchased an apartment a year back and today was the official turn over date, it took us three hours drive from Madrid and the highway was smooth and we faced no problems at all.
And although we had expected that we’d spend the first couples of days busy habetating the apartment, but a lot of disappointment were in store for us; first the lift was still not working and we had to carry the luggage from the garage in the basement to the third floor, and thanks God we had water to clean the apartment before the plumber who was here to fix the swimming pool broke a pipe and as a result we were deprived of water, and do you know what that means? Smelling like coolies after a hard day of work and not having water to clean up? The furniture arrived at the right time and the poor delivery guys had to carry the heavy stuff to the third floor; I could see the sweat tricking from the tip of their noses.
And by the time we finished we were reeking with the smell of sweat and dust and no water to wash up.
So we decided to wear our bathing suits and take a shower at the beach although the sun was down and the weather was cool, and you can imagine us with our shampoos and shower gels cleaning up on the beach with our bathing suits on, but honestly; we really felt what a blessing is water, we got refreshed although the water was freezing cold and with our towels around us, we slammed at the nearest beach restaurant and had dinner with cold servesa then waked along the beach and back to the apartment where we hit the sack.

There still more things to attend to in the apartment; so the day was spent in shopping and calling the plumber, the electrician and the contractor, but thanks God the pipe was fixed but we still had to wait for water flow one more day, and still no gas which means cold showers that’s if we get water, and it turned out that gas procedure is so complicated here where you have to make an appointment with the guy to come check the pipes and authorize the flow of gas; a procedure that takes three days to one week, but by now we have adjusted ourselves to accept cold showers so few more days would not make much difference, besides; cold shower is good for the skin, and coming from Kuwait where we are forced to bath in hot water during summer, we can’t complain can we?
And talking about Kuwait; my cousin called the same afternoon while she was on her way to my apartment and this conversation took place between us:
My cousin: “hi, how are you, is everything OK, are you enjoying your stay in Spain” then a pause and the sound of water showering on the background.
My cousin: “oh my God, no, what is this, tsunami!”
Me: “tsunami, what are you talking about? What’s going on?”
Cousin:” your apartment is flooding with water, I don’t know what is going on, water coming from the ceiling”
Me:” are you in my apartment?”
Cousin: “I’m by your front door, and the water is sheeting down from the ceiling and I don’t know what’s going on inside, I’ll call you back”
I had to wait for another ten minutes to get the news from her that the water tank had broken on the roof and the water was draining from the elevator shaft and the balcony, and some water did get in the apartment and she had to mop it, thanks God the damage was minimal and she had controlled it, but what a coincidence to have no water here and have a tsunami back home.
All this did not bother me, but having no access to internet seriously did. In Madrid it was working OK but here, something went wrong and thinking how much I spent calling Kuwait Vodafone hotline with no use frustrated me, and I finally gave up.

Adjusting to no net
Today was more relaxing; we only had the final touches to the apartment, and finally we had water to bathe and clean up, and by the end of the day I learned that one of our friends who is vacationing in France had decided to join us on the 12th of Aug if she could arrange all here bookings.
And although I was frustrated yesterday for not having access to internet, today I am resigned to the fact that the net is not a necessity and I can still write my diary whenever I feel like it without the intention of publishing, or I might do that on a later date if I feel like it. I will take my laptop with me when visiting other towns next week, so I hope the connection works in other areas.

Random thoughts
Honoring Santa Maria Magdalena ( july15-30)
Before reading Brown’s The DaVinchi Code I never knew who is Maria Magdalene, and after reading I have come to realize that the Vatican had dishonored the lady and that some sects went as far as considering her a prostitute. This little village considers Maria Magdalene it’s sacred patron, they have a church named after her and the whole village is out in the streets to honor her; her statue was carried by eight or ten young guys dressed as sailors in a convoy that consisted of men women and children of all ages walking on and around the small snaked alleys carrying lit candles to pay respect to the lady, the convoy also included last year’s queen of the festivities, and more than half a dozen nominated queens for this year all dressed in the traditional Spanish costumes, it also included their mayor and other high officials.

I have also noticed some hand written signs on the walls that read” Moros No” which means no Arabs, as I have learned from the locals that this place had long suffered from Arabs and Islamic brutalities throughout their history that they still celebrate the day that the Arabs retreated back to North Africa, and that sign is one of their many means of calibrations; to be honest I do not blame them.

To get acquainted you have to kiss on the cheeks
At night we went clubbing in the beach clubs that are open only on the weekend; four adjacent, open air clubs. It is open for all ages; no restrictions, so long you pay for your drink, they don’t care how old you are, and the people are wild. And as we were enjoying our drinks and the music, a guy approached me and said ;” hola, guapa” so I replied :” hola” he introduced himself and asked me about my name, then he pointed to his cheeks for a kiss on each side, and because I did not want to seem impolite I gave him a kiss on each cheek, he started uttering some words in Spanish which I did not understand and I looked toward my Spanish friend for help and she was giggling out loud and asked me if I was interested in him, I answered her that I wasn’t so she said then you do not need my help, it was her scheme to dismiss whoever was not wanted and it worked. But this is not the point, this guy left after giving up on me because of the lack of communication then another one approached and did the exact same thing, I looked toward my Spanish friend and said: “what is it with the kiss on the cheeks?” she giggled and told me that this is the way people get acquainted here, each introduce themselves and then give a kiss on the cheeks, well, you learn something everyday

The weather is awesome, it is meant for lovers and love, lover birds cuddling and kissing all around me on the long stretch of the beach, and although I cherish my privacy and love being single, at these times I wish I had a lover. I think it’s the atmosphere. Good looking single guys are also available like dime a dozen, they look more Italian than Spanish because most of the locals in this area descend from Italian origins but too bad I’m not the summer love type of girl, the most I can offer is a kiss on the cheek LOL, so I guess there isn’t much luck for me here (sigh).
I terribly miss Useless !!

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures are yet to come

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Sunday, July 17

Exploring a Sexual Experience

Second night in Spain and I’m already in for a lot of surprises. Cecilia; a Spanish friend who was away to commence her studies in Ireland when I visited last X-mass is spending her summer holiday in Madrid. The vulnerable, shy girl that I knew some years back is not shy anymore. When she left Spain last year she was too shy to date anyone, but she astounded me by saying that she had experienced a threesome and that was just one of her many stories she came back to Spain with. She said that it happened so naturally and that she really enjoyed it!!!
And being me; the curious cat I had to have everything in boring details. She said that she was invited to a party with another Spanish girl whom she befriended while she was abroad. And after having few drinks the guy who was throwing the party was tiered and had an early flight to catch so he retired to his bed and asked everyone around to feel at home and continue partying. Cecilia and the other girl wanted to play a joke on him so they both went to his room and told him that they were in for a threesome while using their seductive feminine ways to get him fooled. The guy thought that the heavens had opened for him when out of nowhere he got molested by two beautiful girls. Suddenly he got all worked up and ready for the act. It was then when the girls told him that they were playing a joke on him, but the poor guy had too big a hard on to let go. So the girls left the room and went back to the party only to find an SMS on their mobiles saying: come back you bitch and finish off what you have started.
Cecilia went back to his room to ease his anger, but he would not hear of it and started his foreplay and demanded the other girl as well. Apparently the other girl also went to his room for the same reason only to find out that the two were already in the sensual act, and what happened next? She joined in.
Rules of a threesome according to Cecilia:
1-Do it with people you know well, preferably your friends.
2-All the parties should realize that this is a game they are playing to experience a threesome and it should not be an on going practice.
3-They should understand that this act is shared between all parties; no two should have a preference for each other and neglect the third party; not even for a short period of time.
4-None of the three should have affection for each other, meaning a girl should not join in with a couple who have some affection, even if it was a slight one, between them.

And about her relationship with them she said that it had never been better and she never regretted it. Cecilia is not a lesbian, and having to touch another woman’s body was storage for her as much as it was strange for the other girl, but she was not disgusted by this experience because she always thought that everyone to a certain degree has some bisexual tendencies in him/her and if she had the chance to do it again, she wouldn’t mind.

Now what do you think about that?

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Thursday, July 14


It's time to say goodbye, but I will be taking my laptop with me this time, I might not be around most often as I would like, but all in all I'll be in touch and would be posting when I find the time inshalla
Take care you'll and be good, cyber kisses :*
A little "me" time:

Regardless of your infidelity
Regardless of my humility

Regardless of the girl next door
Regardless of my sores

Regardless of abandonment
Regardless of my lonely nights

Regardless of your comeback
Regardless of my setbacks

Regardless of your fears
Regardless of my fears

Now and only now
I can say
I’m finally free
From me

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Get ready for me Andaluthia

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Wednesday, July 13

Again I’m tagged :)

I have been tagged by DJ with a meme on childhood memories.

Here are the rules to this meme game: Remove the blog at #1 from the following list and bump every one up one place; add your blog's name in the #5 spot; link to each of the other blogs for the desired cross pollination effect.

1. Dawn
2. Wayfarer
3. The DP
4. Charmed Life
5. The Ultimate

Next: select new friends to add to the pollen count. **No one is obligated to participate & anyone else can play**. If you've already been tagged by this one, sorry! :)

1. MsBaker , I know she is not much into blogging these days and may be this will get her back on track ;)
2. purgatory, I’m curious to find out how a weird penguin spent his childhood :)
3. Shopaholic Q8eya, an interesting and lively person whom I’d like to know better

What 5 things do you miss about your childhood?

1. My first innocent love

yes, it started at age 5, and he was 7, surprised? He was my next door neighbor and our love for each other was not a secret, we use to practice accordion and piano together, the relationship as well as my musical tendencies ended when my family moved to another location and he left to boarding school abroad. My four brothers and one sister picked up my discarded instruments and mastered the art, now they all play music with different instruments especially 3ood (a string instrument), my sis as well as her kids play piano. As for me, Well; I can say that I have a good ear for music :)

2. My aunt’s momawash and ligaimat

for those who do not know what is momawash and ligaimat; it’s two Kuwaiti dishes, the first is rice with shrimps that I still can’t do without especially in winter, the other is some type of sweets that is a ritual in Ramadan; the month of fasting for Moslems.
My aunt had a special touch with these two dishes, I have tried to prepare them myself and have tried the ones made by others, but none were like my aunt’s, well, she passed away some years back and I miss her and her specialties.

3. My grandmother

she was the one who raised me, she used to sleep in my bedroom and tell me bedtime stories, her death was a shock to all of us especially me, she was not suffering from anything and I was having my vacation in Wales England when I received the news, I did not even have the chance to say goodbye, I think after loosing her, I’ve lost a big part of myself, I miss her terribly.

4. Playing jokes on older members of the family with my cousin

One of those jokes was sneaking in our uncle’s wedding chamber to know what goes on behind close doors, especially that my uncle had an arranged marriage and he hardly saw his wife before the wedding night, but our giggles were audible and we got caught, no telling what happened later, I still can feel my mother’s pinches on the inside of my arms (aaawch)
Yeh I was a very naughty child :)

5. School gymnastic tournaments and friends I made as a result

We used to practice months for those tournaments and compete with other schools, I made a lot of friends who shared the same passion but unfortunately most were not Kuwaitis and we all scattered around the globe as we grew older.

Growing old sucks, doesn’t it!
PS: Was that interesting enough DJ ;)

Asia Pacific, by: Mahdi Nurchiyo
13 years old from Indonesia

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Tuesday, July 12

BLP Campaign

Yes Sarah, your campaign is noble, I had no choice but to join

On peace:
When one will not, two cannot quarrel
When you get angry, you lose more than your temper
Real temperature control is to extinguish the heat of anger
Can someone, who causes pain to others, experience real joy?

On love:
Pure love is the basis of eternal relationships
To have love for God is to love humanity
A generous heart will quickly become a precious heart
Do not expect love and attention, give it instead

PS: All quotes by Brahma Kumaris

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Thanks to blogging and particularly to Zaydoun for the tip, I watched the last episode of season "I" today and I loved it, and the sound track was awesome.

If you know how easily I get bored watching TV, and the fact that I would never imagine myself facing the screen more than three hours on one go, you’d understand what it meant to me to loose track of time in front a TV screen and get agitated because the show was over, after Sex and the City, this one is my favorite and I can’t wait for season II.

It’s unusual, strange and as Zaydoun said; addictive. Although it contained a lot of usual day to day events.

After watching this series I think I want to date a plastic surgeon, particularly Dr. Christian Troy, did I mention that I have a thing for assholes? ;)

Matt McNamara; wouldn’t anyone want to have a son like him?
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Sunday, July 10

Warning: Terrorists have no Boundaries

Few days ago the world was shocked with London bombing, and although no one officially claimed their responsibility to the brutal act, all evidences point to Alga3ida and other fanatical Islamist groups.

Today Laith Kubba; the official spokesman for the Iragi government has warned through AlGabas newspaper that terrorism would soon be migrated to the neighboring countries if their roots in Iraq were not permanently chopped.

In my opinion his warning is valid and I think our government should take serious measures to deal with terrorism; we do not want to be surprised as we did the morning of Iraqi invasion to Kuwait when months ahead of that Iraqi troops gathered forces on our northern border and we took them lightly, ( was that sa7abat saif?)

Supporters of terrorism are known in this country despite their constant denials, but as a civilized nation we can’t take any stern action unless we have solid evidence, this is true, but as I read through the news lately, this issue has been taken very lightly by the government.
For example; some Kuwait bombers were bailed out through high officials although they were caught in action, others with fanatic tendencies (calling for jihad) who supported them financially or through constant public announcement in the media are still running loose without any serious monitoring, Alawqaf ministry as well as The Education ministry is full of undercover suspects; schools and mosques should be closely monitored, even if such acts entail intelligent meddling of our allies.

I’m not calling for dictatorship here, nor asking to punish the innocent for a mere doubt. But country’s security should be above all other measures, and consequently world security is our business, therefore, the least we can do is to monitor the suspects, audit the loads of money that is indirectly transferred to these channels, question the incoming and the outgoing of the country especially from the places like Saudi Arabia and Syria which are renowned to be the bases for such fanatical activities , investigate the motives of the Kuwaitis being found in peculiar places like Afghanistan and Guanatamo.

This has far exceeded a religious belief, it has ballooned to a human destruction and we can’t stay empty handed thinking that this is not our concern.
If taking such measures would disturb my own personal life, so be it, security is above all. And as a citizen I demand my right to live peacefully.

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Saturday, July 9

Wake Up and Catch your Dreams

No, I won't be like her
I’d never have her soft hair
Nor would I tranquilize you,
Demure you in her bluish stare
Let alone her grab-ishing smile

I won’t reproduce you through her youth
Nor dream to mesmerize your dreams
No, I won’t compare
And that’s the bold truth

Yet, allow me to say;

She oozed you with a gash
I gushed in you vim and vigor

Yes, she did loot your mind
But I’m the conqueror of your ewer

And that’s not all, I dare say;

She gave you hell
While I spread paradise
On the realms of my arms
Just for you

And needless to say;

She enslaved you
Hence I freed you

She stole your dreams
The very dreams I salvaged
And ran thousands of lights away
While I resided in your iris

Oh, and one more thing, before I forget;

She left for another
Yet I made you
An undercover
Legendary lover

Now it’s time for you to choose
Before we’re thawed in a dream

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Wednesday, July 6

I’ve Been Tagged

Sweet Purgy Wurgy had tagged me after being himself tagged by Jackos and Jakos has been tagged herself by bla bla bla who was tagged by bla bla, and don’t ask me what all that means because honestly I have no idea. All I could understand is that it’s a cyber thingy where whoever is tagged is supposed to have a post about the following:

Number of books I own:
Very hard to tell, I don’t think I could count them, let’s see; I have three bookshelves of the size (1m X 2.20m) + two book shelves of the size (3.5m X 2.20m) full of books, some of them overlapping, not counting the ones which are scattered in all my kids rooms which were borrowed from me. Now you do the estimate. Oh and I did not include the ones invading my sleeping quarters nor the storage.

Last book I read:
Love, Sex & Tragedy by Simon Goldhill; it’s about how the ancient world shapes our modern life.

Five books that meant a lot ( no particular order):
Actually there are more than five and you can find some of them on my Favorite books listed on my profile, add to that
1- Love, Sex & Tragedy by Simon Goldhill.
2- Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
3- The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho
4- Meditation; monks of the Ramakrishna Order by Ramakrishna Vedanta Center
5- Your Erroneous Zones by Dr Wayne W. Dyer
6- Climbing Chamundi Hill by Ariel Glucklich
7- The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking by Christopher Hansard
8- An Introduction to Classical Islamic Philosophy by Oliver Leaman

All of the mentioned books above made me halt and ponder, I still go back to them once and a while.

Readings that I did not finish yet; God so many:
1- Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho
2- The Road to Delphi; the Life and Afterlife of Oracles by Michael Wood
3- The Bible Unearthed; Archeology’s new vision of ancient Israel and the origin of its sacred texts by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman
4- Creative Methodology; the Masks of God by Joseph Campbell
5- Gardens Horizontals; the lives and legends of four nineteenth century courtesans by Virginia Rounding
6- Aquinas by Brian Davies
7- Philosophy and Religion; from Plato to postmodernism by Max Charlesworth
8- Moses and Akhenaten; the secret history of Egypt at the time of the Exodus by Ahmed Osman
9- Anatomy of the Spirit; the seven stages of power and healing by Caroline Myss, PHD
10- A Woman Speaks; Anais Nin edited by Evelyn J. Hinz

The book I’m reading now is Once and Always by Judith Mcnaught recommended by Jackos and I’m almost half way through

And finally; I hereby tag Jewaira, DJ and Tantalize :)

Purgy: all the above mentioned did not include poetry books which are my constant companions :p
Jakos: I agree with you; Jason Fielding is hot, and you know what? I know a person who fits his description exactly except for the title and the fact that he is single ;)

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Sunday, July 3

July Breeze

Laying on a damp concrete
Exhausted by the day's heat
Watching reflections of the moon
Dancing on water, upon a perfect beat

Silver waters, in a rhythmic wave;
Up and down as they dimmed in caves
Yet flickering stars abandoned the moon
In a challenge to be as suave

The competition was so steep
It stole the treasure of my sleep
As stars played hide and seek;
Some stood and watched the others leap

But naughty July breeze did dare
To flirt with strands of my hair
My eyes got flattered with its touch
And they surrendered to its flair

As a trance of immortal ease
Gradually swept through me to seize
All the surrounding atmosphere
Into my own eternal seas

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Starry night by;Van Gogh

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Saturday, July 2

Mood of the day; Nazar Qabani

ماذا أقول
شعر: نزار قباني
غناء: نجاة

ماذا أقول له لو جاء يسألني
إن كنت أكرهه أو كنت أهواه
ماذا أقول إذا راحت أصابعه
تلملم الليل عن شعري وترعاه
وكيف أسمح أن يدنو بمقعده
وأن تنام على خصري ذراعاه
غداً غداً إذا جاء أعطيه رسائله
ونطعم النار أحلى ما كتبناه
حبيبتي .. هل أنا حقاً حبيبته
وهل أصدق بعد الهجر دعواه
أما انتهت من سنين قصتي معه
ألم تمت كخيوط الشمس ذكراه
أما كسرنا كؤوس الحب من زمن
فكيف نبكي على كأس كسرناه
رباه أشياءه الصغرى تعذبني
فكيف أنجو من الأشياء
هنا جريدته في الركن مهملة
هنا كتاب معاً كنا قرأناه
على المقاعد بعض من سجائره
وفي الزوايا بقايا من بقاياه
مالي أحدق في المرآة أسألها
بأي ثوب من الأثواب ألقاه
أأدعي أنني أصبحت أكرهه
وكيف أكره من في الجفن سكناه
وكيف أهرب منه إنه قدري
هل يملك النهر تغييراً لمجراه
أحبه .. لست أدري ما أحب به
حتى خطاياه ما عادت خطاياه
الحب في الأرض بعض من تخيلنا
لو لم نجده عليها لاخترعناه

ماذا أقول له لو جاء يسألني
إن كنت أهواه .. إني ألف أهواه

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Friday, July 1

Fraud from abroad

Is it only me who is getting this loads of e-mails for transferring some millions of dollars to my account, or this is a universal fraud system that is going around these days? As a sample of such an e-mail I am posting one hereunder, taking the identities out, although they deserve to be exposed.
Although I don’t know what is their mechanism, and how can they trust a complete stranger to transfer such an amount to his bank account, but it sure sounds fishy.
I’m sure they have gotten a hold of my e-mail through my blog as much as being positive that they do read this entry.

One message I want to cross to these people; regardless of your intentions, some people do not believe in gaining money that they did not earn, for them it’s a principle and I belong to this category.

Another message to other decent people who are reading this entry; don’t be fooled by such e-mails, there is a catch in that although I don’t know it, and if anyone of you knows about it, please enlighten me.

The sample e-mail:

Hello Dear,

Please permits me to introduce myself to you. I am Mr. --------, The
Financial Controller, Nigerian ------------

My purpose of writing to you is this: There was a contract awarded to a foreign contractor, by the Contract Awarding Committee of the ------ in the year ----- and the contract has completed and commissioned. The contract amount was ------- Million United States Dollars only but the contractor was paid 50% of the total contract sum.

Now, the remnant (50%) ----- Million United States Dollars has been released since ------- by the federal ministry of finance for final settlement to the contractor. The money is presently in the suspense account of the------- Since then, the contractor has not showed up and now I had that he is dead. All the documents that was for the contract are with me.

So I will like to make a deal with you. I want to present you as a sister-company so that the------ Million United States Dollars will be transferred to your account. After the transfer of the fund, you and I will share the money, 40% for you and 60% for me.

If you are interested and can handle this offer, please contact me on this email address:---------- so we can discuss on how to proceed with this transaction.

Warm Regards,

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