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Tuesday, September 12

An Enigma

This poem was inspired by NewMe's post

When hearts break to the point of no repair
How long dose it take to reboot
So we can start another endeavor?

Some can never go on
Waiting for time to fragment historical data
But what if the backup didn’t shudder?

The train never waits for those who come late

And some would take as long as
A new lover their hearts discover
To occupy the space vacated by another

What if this lover is never to come?

Some transfer from one lover after another
Until they’re settled
Or may be never

As for me, I’ve had many endeavors
Yet no lover could mend a heart
Bugged with phobia

I always thought love intensity
And the agony of separation
Stipulated each situation

I know now, I never knew any better

Experience is an image in brain layers
We need to delete it once and forever
From virtual remembrance
As if the past didn’t exist ever

Copying one image on top of the other
Would only create distortion
And more torture

But formatting memory is not reliant on time
Rather on a single command- willpower

Correct me if I’m in error
But I think I got the answer to enigma

Posted by AyyA:: at :: 2:42 AM::


Blogger sarah said...

لا تبحثي عن الحب
فهو من سيأتي
يطرق بابك
ويدخل بلا استئذان
...يمتلك قلبك
بدون شعور
فتعلنين انك عاشقة

9:35 AM  
Blogger NewMe said...

thank you so much for such amazing
poem.. this is experience is indeed a prolong enigma with open ending.. my prospective is the following:

a broken heart is like shattered glass.. even if you try to glue its’ pieces back together.. it can never become the same.. however,, all of this would change somehow.. if only the right soul came along and windblown its’ essence into broken pieces.. a beautiful loveable heart would be created..

have to keep dreaming
honored to be your inspiration ;)

have a good day

6:20 PM  
Blogger AyyA said...

Thanks sweetie for the enlightening words. I have stopped looking long back, but the problem is when it comes I wouldn’t know about it because I never could allow myself another chance, I’m too scared to do that.

Keep on dreaming sweet friend, great empires started as a dream.

8:40 PM  

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