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Wednesday, August 10

Adventurous Day

Tuesday 9th of Aug,
It’s one AM, and I’m sitting on the balcony with teenage Spaniards gathering as usual on the doorsteps of one of the neighbors holding water bottles filled with alcohol, and this has been their ritual ever since I got here. And since the neighborhood gets really quite at this hour, you can hear their voices magnified three folds but surprisingly no one ever complained or even tried to hush them down, Valencian’s are known for their cool tempers, but to this extend? I mean, we have older people and kids that retire early in this neighborhood; don’t they get bothered with the noise? And remember that it’s not like having air-conditioning here, and all windows and balconies are wide open to natural air.
Their gathering starts around one and ends around four in the morning every day of the week except for the weekends when you usually find them in one of the four beach night clubs of the village. How could the neighbors get to sleep? Beats me !!!

I just woke up from a nightmare; I dreamt that for some reason I found myself wearing only a T-shirt (the same one I had on when I hit the sack) and holding two small flags; one Spanish and another British and was lost in the streets of Tehran, I was struggling to find whoever can guide me to the Kuwaiti Embassy so I can go back to my country, but unfortunately everywhere I looked I saw Mullas with long beards and I had to hide myself since I had nothing to cover me up in this highly reserved areas, I finally found a decent guy who sounded pro western and after bribing him with my flags he sneaked me in an official building and asked me to hide behind a door till he could manage my escape. I waited for a while, then peaking through the door cracks I saw the guards detaining the guy who tried to help me and I knew that my turn would come soon so I had to find my own way out; first from this huge, massive building which was full of the Islamic guards and then from this country.

To my relief I found a group of western officials accompanied by their own show girls with their demonstration clothes on; more or less the Moulin Rouge style, which hardly covered anything (imagine in Tehran LOL), they were passing the gates that lead out of the building, so I sneaked myself out with the girls, and although I had both flags still with me, no one questioned me and I passed safely out. And believe it or not even in a dream I regretted not having my camera with me to take pictures of the girls passing through the Islamic guards LOL.

Outside of the building was another story; I was running and hiding and all I could see around me were Mullas with disapproving faces whenever their eyes spotted me, and as I was running I kept telling myself that this is only a dream and I only have to open my eyes to the safety and comfort of my own room in Kuwait, and after several failed attempts I finally succeeded to open my eyes, and the first thing I saw was what it looked like a strange room and the same T-shirt on me, my heart sank for a split of a second but then the room started getting it’s familiarity back; it was my room in Spain, so I breathed deeply to that realization but chickened out when I thought of going back to sleep.
Hmmmm, the teenagers left their gathering tonight, it looks like one of the neighbors had finally talked to them, what a relief; they were so noisy although they were just chatting, but when the Spaniards talk they seem as if they all talk at the same time and no one listens.

Last night we visited our Valencian friends in their house located close to the center of the city, where we had BBQ and wine in their nice garden, we also met others there and made a plan to go as a group to Buddha del Sol later on, but the BBQ lasted till the wee hours of the morning and our conversation got heated up, not to mention that we had about half an hour driving back home to take care of, so we decided to postpone it to another time.
Our friends advised us to go check out a close by village of Ain; they said that it’s a small village with little white houses and blue painted windows amid a natural reserve in the mountains which inhibited only 300 people, it only had one Bar that served as a restaurant during the weekdays and as a pub during the weekends where all the locals would usually gather.

So when we woke up the next morning Ain was the first to check on our planning list, the village was not too far from where we live; about 20 minutes drive, but the circling of the mountain made the trip much longer, my friend Elegance got so excited especially when she discovered that our rented car’s title was Elegance which she interpreted as a sign, and thinking she was driving a cart in The Entertainment City of Kuwait, she snaked through the roads with a speed that nauseated me, but since I did not want to show my weakness to heights, and wanting to overcome my phobia at the same time, I said nothing and let her have her joy.

In the middle of our trip up we saw a sign directing to the peak of the Spadian Mountain so we decided to change course and check it out; it was a mistake though, the road up was not paved and was wide enough for a tiny car to pass although it was supposed to be a two way road and it hardly had any emergency lanes; the land would steep down at one side of the road which was my side :(

Half way up, about a half hour drive, I got tense and asked her to make a turn back down, but finding enough space to make a u-turn was another problem; we had to drive some miles up to find that space and return, and woooooooh, Ghaaaaaaali, was that an adventure.

We did finally reach Ain and found it as beautiful and unique as our friends had described, but to our surprise we found the name “El bin Ali” hung on the door of one of the houses, and as I know that this is a Kuwaiti/Bahraini known family, which means that we were not the first from this area that discovered this tiny place :p

And on our way back we took another road leading to Segorbe where we discovered a heavenly resting area on a strip of a running river and surrounded by mountains in almost all directions, so we took out our yoga mats and meditated for half an hour on the concrete benches facing the river with fifty faucets of running mountain waters behind us before heading towards Navaja, but while driving down the mountains I started to have a headache that I think was caused by the height’s low pressure, especially that I have not completely recovered from my flue, and there was another reason for cutting our plans short: it started to rain, so we decided not to stay long in Navaja and missed it’s landmark; the water falls, and we headed back home where we had dinner and I slept right after and woke up with the nightmare I mentioned earlier.

The good news though is that the skin where I had my tattoo done is pealing off, which means it’s healing and in about a week’s time I can go dip the sea again showing it off this time :p

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Blogger Peach said...

way to go Ayya ;)

But that dream sure is funny! Spain, England & IRAN !!! shko!! lol .. must be some repressed childhood memory or something ;)

10:46 AM  
Blogger AyyA said...

ella elkapt elli ra7 arja3 lah belQ8 wi inti essajah heheheeee

10:34 PM  
Blogger Peach said...

lol aw it can't be all that bad ;)
U just enjoy your present moment and enjoy Spain to the brink. Let tomorow worry about itself. besides, Kuwait loves her kids, she'll take care of you ;) And the weather is getting nicer & nicer every day!!

10:18 AM  
Blogger AyyA said...

yeh, right babe, I'm back and the weather is awesome :p

11:09 AM  

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